Gungor: The Hipster Pharisees

“Gungor drifts from Biblical orthodoxy,” says the erroneous headline in World magazine. It’s erroneous because the leaders of the Christian worship band called Gungor were never that orthodox to begin with.

To be clear, the members of Gungor are not heretics or apostates. They walk under the banner of Jesus Christ. Instead, and perhaps ironically, the leaders of Gungor are exactly what they accuse the rest of the American church to be. They are Pharisees. Continue reading “Gungor: The Hipster Pharisees”

‘The wrath of God was satisfied’

The Presbyterian Church of the United States of America (PCUSA) recently decided not to include the hymn “In Christ Alone” in its upcoming hymnal. You can read more about it in the Christian Century.

Their reason? The hymn affirms that Christ satisfied the wrath of God upon the cross. Those opposed to the hymn’s inclusion objected that it would be a “disservice” to the PCUSA’s “educational mission” to “perpetuate” the view that “the cross is primarily about God’s need to assuage God’s anger.” Continue reading “‘The wrath of God was satisfied’”