Courtney Tritch and ‘religious freedoms’ by Jon Swerens- When a politician says we should trade First Amendment freedoms for cash, it's time to clear your throat, mount a digital soapbox, and ask a few hard questions.
God loves the Naughty List by Jon Swerens- Here we are at Christmastime, listening to herald angels sing glory to the newborn king. But listen to the angels more closely. In the center of one of the Bible's most glorious promises of peace, we find an opposite of a promise, too.
Gungor: The Hipster Pharisees by Jon Swerens- Perhaps ironically, the leaders of Gungor are exactly what they accuse the rest of the American church to be. They are Pharisees.
Gender, Christians, and men of straw by Tim Bushong- This post is intended to address some comments that were made on a recent Facebook post, and hopefully to give some clarity by answering the people who made them.
The three marks of the forgiving heart by Jon Swerens- "Those who refuse to forgive others will not be forgiven by God." Hard words. But what are the three marks of the forgiving heart?
Really unbalanced: The Bible as the only source of sanity by Tim Bushong- I have a confession to make: I absolutely love God's Word. When we play the “desert island” game, the first book on my list is the Bible. You may say that this makes for an “unbalanced” view of things. I once overheard someone say that “...sure, the Bible is true, but there's a balance.” I simply can't agree with that.